Sunday, December 5, 2010

One last dance

As most of you know, I was adopted. I've always known who my biological mom is (Bonnie) and have maintained a close relationship with her for as long as I can remember. I never call her mom but she is the woman who gave birth to me so obviously we have a close connection. And because of that close connection, I have always cared for her and wished her nothing but the best. She has always deserved to be treated like a lady and her current husband Burnie, did just that. He always put her on a pedestal. He treated her with respect and with faithfulness. One heck of a man.
Burnie Ballard suffered a heart attack and passed away yesterday at the age of 60.
Burnie Ballard grew up and lived in Pageland S.C. He was a respected lawyer and everyone knew him and loved him. He just had that "teddy bear" personality. Although he did not have children of his own, he loved his "step" grand kids dearly. Adored them would be a better description. He was a man of integrity and a eternal spring of knowledge. He was simply "Burnie". A loving husband, a caring grandfather, a wonderful son, and a dedicated friend. To me, he was the man who treated my biological mom like she was born to be treated. And because of that, it is easy for me to call him my "step-dad".
If there is one story I could tell that would help you understand the type of man he was, it would be this: Burnie, Bonnie, my half sister Amanda, and her daughter were visiting for Shae's birthday. We were all at my in-laws house and were sitting around after the party. The kids were napping and we were talking. Someone asked where Burnie was. He had gotten up about 10 minutes earlier and never returned. I stood up from the table and glanced out the window to the back yard. Wouldn't you know, there's Burnie laying on the slope of the yard. Glasses off and sound asleep. Not a care in the world.
Renee and I are both heart broken and we are also jealous. "Papa" Burnie is in heaven holding our boys. :)
We will never be able to grasp why loved ones are taken from us. We do know that only God knows when our time is up. Bonnie and Burnie were getting ready to watch a football game. They were both standing in the middle of the living room when Bonnie felt the urge to walk over to her husband, hold him, and just dance with him. She made her move and he obliged. It might have been their last dance together, but it is one dance that will last forever. Burnie and Bonnie Ballard will always be dancing with a little help from our friend. Thank you God.
Please keep our family in your prayers.

RIP Burnie Ballard.

Scott Britt

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My daily drive

I started my new job the first week of October. It is in Buckhead off of Piedmont road and if anyone else works downtown then you know how the drive is to and from. In the past 2 months I have had at least 2 hours a day all to myself. This job has given me the opportunity to spend a lot of time thinking and talking to God. Today was no different except for the conversation I had.
Most of you at some point or another have heard someone tell you "God has big plans for you." I have always thought, if God has big plans for me, why would he tell you? Why doesn't he tell me? On my way home today, I once again wished I knew what His plan for me was. Why doesn't He show me?
The background picture on my phone is of my beautiful wife Renee and our beautiful daughter, Shae. As I was talking with God about his plan for me, my phone rang. I picked my phone up and it was then that I remembered exactly what his plan for me was. I stared at the picture of Renee and Shae and said "priest, protector, provider". God's plan for me is to be a faithful, loving, understanding, and respectful husband to my wife. To meet her every need. His plan for me is to be a loving and positive model for my daughter. His plan for me is to lead my family spiritually. To protect them and provide for them.
For me, this is going to be the start of standing up for my family and embracing what God has called fathers and husbands to do.
Hope everyone is doing well. Take care.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't stop praying

This week has been a tough week. After 17 years at the same company, we have both decided it would be better to part ways. It's an odd feeling to be unemployed but this is also a chance to pursue things I have been afraid to pursue. So, I will look for a job with the faith that God will provide for us. He has to. He said he would but we are also subject to His time. Not ours.
My family would appreciate any prayers you can send our way. Yes, this has been one tough year for us but we know things happen for His reasoning and we will continue to put our faith in him.
I have one heck of a wife and a heck of a little girl and we will be ok. The Britt family will be around for a loooooong time.

Thank you everyone.

The Britts (Scott)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good times

Just and update from the Britt family -

Renee is preparing to go back to school. One of the grants came through for her and will greatly help with the cost. She is very, very excited. She is an amazing woman and I am very proud of her. She never ceases to amaze me with her determination. Renee and her mom just finished up their 2nd pageant. From what I've heard it was a great success. I think they are already planning for next years pageant. I am just amazed at how much she can do. She seems to never wear down. She is loving her new car. We were able to trade the mini-van back in and got a great deal on her car.

Shae is growing sooo much. She turned 3 on August 7th. Her vocabulary is incredible and is only getting better. She loves her some flash cards. We hope to get her into Bethlehem Christian sometime soon. There is a waiting list for her age and who knows when she might get in. She is doing great and I believe she has a pretty good idea of where Shyloh and Tyce are. Every time she sees clouds moving she thinks it is Shyloh and Tyce on their way to see God. She is so sweet.
I am doing pretty good. Staying very busy at work and around the house. I'll be glad when winter rolls around so I can let the lawnmower rest.

All in all, we are doing well. We still have our days of sadness but we are quick to remember everything God has blessed us with. We found out that my best friend and his wife are expecting twins. We are very happy for them but it is tough for us. It brings up all of our emotions and takes us back to those past few months. But like I said, we are happy for them and pray for them everyday. I am proud of our little family and can't wait to see what God has in store for us.

One bit of advice - hug the ones you love and make sure they know that you love them.

Hope everyone is doing well.

The Britts

Friday, July 2, 2010

Today was tough...

I won't lie.... Today was REALLY tough....

I paid for Tyce & Shyloh's grave stone... No mother EVER thinks they will be buying their children's headstone. Yet, today we did. I always thought we would beat the odds.... we wouldn't be THOSE parents. We would feel sorry and pray for THOSE parents.... But, here we are.... THOSE parents.... We bought flags for their grave site today for the 4th of July.

I've learned how to control/hide my emotions. It's just hard at the shop at times... Some people don't know that I lost the twins and ask how their doing or ask if I'm having boys or girls and I have to explain that I lost them..... and then some people ask questions about how I lost them...

Today was just very hard.........

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jealous for me

I am angry. I am angry that I will never get to see Shyloh and Tyce turn one. I will never get to see them walk. I will never get to see them discover their likes and dislikes. I will never get to meet their girlfriends. I will never get to see them graduate. I will never get to see them go to college. I will never see them get married. I have every right to be angry. Or do I?
Maybe my right to be angry has been taken away. Taken away by the fact that He loves me. I am reminded of the scenes from The Passion of The Christ. The scenes of Jesus being crucified. I am reminded of the story of his crucifixion in the New Testament. I am reminded that not one time did Jesus ever get angry. Why didn't he? Because he knew what was coming. He knew His purpose.

This is graphic. It is scenes from The Passion of The Christ. If anything, just close your eyes and let the words of the song saturate you.

I can't be angry. I can only be a light in a dark world. And no matter what pain I must endure, I must keep my eyes on His purpose as it becomes my purpose......... because He loves me.

He loves us!

Love y'all,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trying to catch up with the world

Here's what I do not know....How could God give us 2 beautiful boys and then allow them to be taken away from us by a horrible disease? How could God allow my wife to go through the pain she went through without the joy of holding 2 crying babies in her arms? How could God allow us to experience such grief? How can God be such a cruel God? How can God allow evil people to walk this earth but take away our boys?
Here's what I do know....God is in control. God is not human. He sees the "big picture". He knows that our experiences, good or bad, will always be to our benefit. Here's an example - One night we had to take Shae to the emergency room because she had a little bit of blood coming from her female area. The doctors felt that it was a urinary tract infection but the only way the could tell was by examining her female area. I had to watch Shae cry and all I could do was hold her hand and remain by her side while they examined her. I remember her looking at me with her her big, beautiful, blue eyes with this look of "why are you allowing this to happen to me?" "How can you just stand there and let this happen to me?" Shae didn't understand that her mom and dad love her so much that we will do anything to make sure she is ok, even if it means causing her pain. That brief pain was necessary to make sure she is healthy now.
That is how we are. Renee and I have no idea why we are experiencing this horrible pain. God does. God is our Father and He knows what is best for us. It is very hard to swallow but we both know that Shyloh and Tyce will continue to impact people's lives for years to come.
Some might ask how long will the pain last? How long will God let us keep suffering? Let me be the first to tell you that we are NOT suffering. We are rejoicing because we have witnessed the impact these boys have had first hand. We are rejoicing because we know that our boys are in heaven and one day we will see them again.
God has taught us so much. God has taught us that we need to depend on Him more. God has taught us that we need to share our faith. God has taught me to love my wife with more compassion. God has taught me to love my wife with less judgment. God has taught me to pray with my wife. God has taught me to not be afraid. I could keep going and going. This is not suffering. This is accepting God's will for our lives and taking it forward so that others might see. This is God's plan for everyone.
Your time is coming. Your pain is coming. Be ready.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Today was a good day.

Every time Shae goes to sleep we say our prayers. It goes like this...

"Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep. God Bless Mommy & Daddy, Shae Shae, Shyloh & Tyce, Charlie....." and continue to name off the rest of our family.

Today was the first day I was able to say the prayer without crying. ;o)

Every morning I wake up and my prayer is that the Lord give Shyloh & Tyce a hug and tell them how much I love them.

Although my body is a constant reminder of the babies no longer in my womb I am slowly able to rejoice again. Shyloh and Tyce, as tiny as they were, made such a difference. Isn't that every mother's dream? My little quarterback & linebacker made an impact far greater than I will ever truly know.

It's funny. People have thanked me for fighting so hard... Trying and doing everything we could to help Shyloh and Tyce. THAT was the easy part.

Have I mentioned that God is SOOOO GOOD? He gave us this beautiful blond little girl that needs her Momma to wake up every single morning..... usually so we can watch cartoons and eat a fruit snack ;o) I can't sit around and have a pity party. God gave me her little laugh to help patch some of the cracks in my heart. I know I've shared this verse before, but it is SOOOO comforting to me. James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above.

I'm sorry if this is rambling... These are just some of the thoughts I needed to get out and release.... Thank you to everyone that reads our blog. Thank you for your kind words, encouragement and prayers. I promise I will reply to all of you, I'm just not quite ready yet. But, know that I did start reading them and am SOOOOO touched by each and every one of you.....

God's timing... I have a friend from 10th grade that I used to play basketball with that I haven't talked to in YEARS... Well, we became friends on facebook and she read my blogs and she sent me the sweetest card and an AMAZING book when she read that Shyloh & Tyce had gone to heaven. This book brought me such comfort on one of the saddest days of my life. And to think God knew all along why she was apart of my life.... not so we could play JV basketball together in 10th grade.... but because he had something much bigger planned 11 years later. His grace is amazing!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

God is like Scotch Tape.... You can't always see him, but you know he's there!!!

Renee's Perspective:

I want to first thank everyone for the messages, comments, phone calls, & texts. I hope you understand that I haven't read or listened to them because I am just not ready. Please know that I am just grieving privately with my family and when the time is right I will reply to each of you. My Mom, Dad & Scott have relayed a lot of messages... THANK YOU for your love and support, but I am just not ready to talk yet.

It's funny. My Mom and I had a conversation about people asking, "How are Renee and Scott doing?" She always politely says, "As good as can be expected." We think people don't really know what to say or what to ask, and that's ok. We really don't know what to say right now either. We are all physically fine. But, asking the Lord to help mend our broken hearts.

Here's a little about what happened.....

On Wednesday the 9th I had some very rough contractions at about 4 am. I was put back on magnesium to stop them and had an ultrasound as soon as, Jill, our Sonographer, came in. I could see right away that there were no heart beats. After all, I've seen Shyloh & Tyce everyday at our ultrasounds. I've learned what to look for and have asked questions along the way so I can see things for myself. Dr. Q. came in shortly after and confirmed what I already knew. I was then told I would be taken off the Magnesium so that I could have my contractions and deliver my babies.

On June 10th I gave birth to two beautiful boys. Tyce Lynn & Shyloh Lee Britt. Although I never heard them cry, they never looked up at me or held my finger in their hands, they were our little fighters.... our very own tiny Angels sent by God. I was able to hold them. Hug them. Tell them I loved them. My Dad even anointed them with oil, prayed over them and read the bible to them. It was heartbreaking as a mother, but I know they are in Heaven saving seats for us.

God has been so good to us and continues to work in amazing ways! We always say every day is a good day, because it truly is. God gives us a sunrise and a new beginning every single morning. Is it hard sometimes, ABSOLUTELY, but we know God has a big enough band aid to eventually heal our hearts. Plus, we know God gave us Shae first for a reason. The other day we had a tea party that was absolutely hilarious. We needed to laugh that hard.

Through our grieving, our family has become closer. I feel like my hand fits even more perfectly in Scott's. We will continue to praise God in ALL things. We ask that you continue to pray for us and our time of healing.

We never knew the impact our boys and their fight would have on so many people. We just started blogging to get out what all was going on in our pregnancy. It's crazy to see all the ways God has worked through this blog.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

P.S. Shyloh & Tyce have inspired me to go back to school and get a degree in diagnostic sonography. I hope to be able to help other mothers see their beautiful babies just as I was able to see mine!!


Thursday, June 10, 2010


We are sitting in the room with Renee and just patiently waiting for her to dialate. The contractions are coming more frequently and much harder. It is hard to watch but I've never known this beautiful mother to back down from anything. I am so proud of her.

Please continue to pray for Renee. She wants to be home so bad. Pray that God will comfort her.

Thank you

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thank you to everyone

It is with great sadness that I must tell you that Shyloh and Tyce have gone on to be with our Lord. My parents and I are headed down to Miami to be with Renee and her family. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for safe travels. They are and will always be our boys and Renee and I will always be parents to identical twin boys. God is right here with us every step of the way and we praise Him for the time we had with Shyloh and Tyce. Thank you to everyone for everything you did for us. Food, money, airfare, hotel stay etc etc. We hope we can only do the same for you one day. We love you all!!

Scott, Renee, Shae, Shyloh, and Tyce

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Here's a picture of our beautiful baby Shyloh and some new news ;o)

We have 2 heartbeats today, so today is a great day!!!

Great News!!!

Fetal Echo cardiogram shows no more signs of arrhythmia

During our daily sonogram, Jill, our technician was sooooo kind to give us about ten 3D pictures of shyloh!! He is SOOOOO handsome!!! Boy does he look like his big sister and his Daddy!! ;o)

Not as good news....
My fluid level went up even more from yesterday. Today I'm at 16.4..... normal 2-8. You can just call us "Over Achievers" ;o) hehe

On another GREAT note!!! Mom and Ry are here ;o) Apparently even at 27 you need & want your momma ♥

They also brought me an AMAZING goodie basket from all my friends at church!!! I mean there is EVERYTHING in this basket!!!! beautiful cards, candies, food, pastels, sketch kit, sketch paper, hair ties, markers, Gatorade, tanning lotion (Lord knows I'm super white and not getting any sun down here haha) games, yarn, magazines, lotions, perfumes, sleeping mask, frames, nail stuff, razors, and my ABSOLUTE FAVE is the beautifully made cheetah print & hot pink hospital gown & matching flip flops (The gown was beautifully hand-made my Erin Geairn & I've already asked if she will make me more because these gowns aren't nearly as cute as hers!!!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the thoughtfulness put into this basket!! I am sooooo blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!! Thank you all SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!

Well, I think I'm going to take Momma Nancy down in one of my new games.... "Scrabble Slam card game" wish me luck!!!!

Thank you again for your prayers!!! We truly appreciate it & continue to need prayers!!! Today we are 23 weeks 4 days and every day is a blessing!!!!

The Britts

Sunday, June 6, 2010

We still look at the bright side even if everyone else thinks it looks dim...

So here's what nights are like for me....

The nurses have to come in periodically and either give me my different medicines, my supplements (calcium and potassium), check to hear the babies heart rates are within normal range (sometimes just for a couple minutes and sometimes for 15 - 30 minutes at a time AND it takes time to find both boys' heart beats), do an EKG on my heart, take blood to send to the lab to check my levels (because the digoxen can affect my heart and kidneys), check my pulse, check my blood pressure & take my temperature. These things can take three minutes or thirty minutes. Here are the times I wake up at night...

The nurses get me up at....

12 midnight
4:05 am
4:15 am

So, I HAVE to nap during the day as I get a chance. So, that's part of the reason I haven't blogged as much lately.

Here's some good news!! I've been off of the magnesium & my contractions have slowed/stopped. THANK YOU LORD!!!! No more cath. or I.V.!!!!

Both Dr. Quintero (The TTTS Specialist) & Dr. Ferrer (The Pediatric Cardiologist) came by to talk to us today. Dr. Ferrer said we still haven't seen any more signs of arrhythmia and that the dose of digoxin is just a preventative measure to ensure we don't ever see it again. Dr. Quintero's talk was a little less sunny...

Dr. Quintero came to let us know the medicine (clineral) that is supposed to help reduce the amount of fluid the boys produce isn't giving us the results we want yet. My fluid level is the highest its EVER been. It's 15.2 right now. Dr. Quintero also gave us a lot of different options to think about... We could get rid of this entire pregnancy, get rid of one baby, or ride it out with a 30% chance of brain damage in one or both boys. This percentage can go up depending on how early the boys are born as well. Well, there's only one option for Scott and I. We're believing in the 70% chance for absolutely no brain damage. By "riding it out" we are looking at the following....

1. My uterus is perfect right now, but with the amount of fluid in my uterus that could change at any time and i could miscarry, or go into preterm labor.

2. If the clineral balances out the fluid level in the next day or two that would be awesome....

3. If the fluid level continues to increase we'll have to do another amnio reduction which led to contractions previously.

4. At 23 weeks 6 days I will start steroids to help develop the boys lungs faster that way if they are born early they will have a better chance ;o)

Having said all that, we are still absolutely sure that God's plan surpasses all the statistics. We praise him in all things. So, if his will is beautiful healthy twins we're excited. We are equally excited if God decides our boys will have special needs or if he decides their home is with him in heaven. We are at peace and trust completely in God's will for our family. We are praying and ask that you continue to pray with us.

I want to share a couple scriptures with you that have been uplifting for us lately.

Nicola gave us a cross with this verse to hang in the boys room. ♥

James 1:7 Every good & perfect gift is from above.

A friend of Scott's gave him this verse.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Dad just found this one and shared it with me. I don't think we could find a verse more appropriate for right now.

Proverbs 3:5-8
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil. THIS WILL BRING HEALTH TO YOUR BODY AND NOURISHMENT TO YOUR BONES.

So, just to recap.... We are praying to take home 2 beautiful healthy boys. We are asking that you continue to pray with us... For a long pregnancy, for healthy boys and for strength.

Thank you all so much!! We are very blessed by the people in our lives.

The Britts

Friday, June 4, 2010

HOW PRECIOUS!!! The woman in the room next to us just gave birth to a baby girl. We got to hear her last push and the birth of the baby. Then the sweet cry!! I told Scott that Mom just fell in love all over again....

It's funny, I thought when Shae was born she would take a piece of my heart. I had no idea my heart would double in size. Her first cry is still the sweetest sound I have ever heard in my entire life. I can only imagine the mother in the room next to us is feeling the same way ;o)

So, today I started my digoxen. I will also start the medicine to reduce the fluid being produced, Clineral. I still have to take calcium every 8 hours, blood pressure every 4 hours, EKG's daily, labs (bloodwork) daily, 15 minutes monitoring the babies hearts every 4 hours. So, needless to say I try to sleep when I can because I don't get a solid 8 at night or anything ;o)

Great news is we're in great hands. We have tons of prayers. And so many friends and family have stepped up to help with Shae and Charlie. Scott's brother, Tim, mowed our lawn, people have donated money, time, a hotel room & dinners. We are sooo incredibly grateful for the outpour of love and support!!

Maria, our nurse just brought in my Clineral so we have now started that medication too.

Please continue to pray for the boys.

Please pray for Scott & Momma Nancy as they leave tomorrow to head back home.

Please pray for Dad as he stays with me and works from here.

P.S. The lady that just gave birth is now gagging & dry heaving. Apparently she ate McDonald's right after giving birth... BAD IDEA. The sound was hillarious though. We prayed for her....

Now my turn...This is Scott

Most people may think that spending your birthday in the hospital would not be a rewarding experience. But I could think of no better place to be than with my beautiful wife and our 2 sons. It has been a great birthday. God has blessed me with another year of life and I am grateful for it. :)

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. I truly appreciate them.

Nancy and I are heading home tomorrow. I need to see Shae so she can get back to some normalcy and I need to catch up on bills and get back to work. Hopefully the next time I come down, Shae will be able to come with me. We are doing great. The room will be a bit busy tonight but we should be able to get SOME sleep. Thank you for all of the prayers and please know that we say prayers for everyone of you as well. Love you all!!

The Britts

Thursday, June 3, 2010

here's the NEW NEW

If you can't tell yet, things change minute by minute around here!!! Who needs tv with this much action in your life!! haha (this is being typed as Scott and I try to solve all the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune) ;o)

So, after Dr. Ferrer (the cardiatric specialist) reviewed the films and sonograms he came and talked to us for a while. He explained that the Top 1/2 of Tyce's heart was beating twice as fast as the bottom which isn't good. The good thing is that it isn't consistant. It comes and goes. So, yet again he explains how rare and special our case is. Dr. Ferrer is going to give us Dijoxin (spell check that.... I am just spelling it how it is pronounced) This medicine will help slow down Tyce's heart. He's only had to use this on 60 women since 1983. I guess that would make us super duper rare ;o) Have I mentioned that God put us here for a reason?!?

In order to do the medication I had to have an EKG on MY heart, Dr. Ferrer had to check my heart himself, and I had to have blood drawn & tested (for my kidney functions). If my heart wasn't in good shape then we couldn't do the medicaiton. Also, if my labs aren't correct then we can't start the medication....

Well, my 1st set of labs showed my potassium levels were a little too low. So they took my 2nd labs and just got the results. Because of the Magnesium I am taking for the contractions my calcium and potassium are just below what they should be. So I am not able to start the Dijoxin tonight as we had hoped. But, they are giving me potassium in my i.v. & a calcium pill to bring those levels back up. At 6 am I will take my 3rd labs and do another EKG hopefully all will be normal and we can start the dijoxin!!

Thank you soooooo much for your prayers!! We truly appreciate it!!!

The Britts

Quick update

Renee had her ultrasound this morning and everything looks good. Her fluid level is back up but she will be able to take some medicine that will help with that. Her ultrasound also showed that Tyce's heart was having some electrical issues. His little heart looked like it was quivering. It was just beating way to fast. They brought us down a floor to do an ultrasound on his heart so they can determine what is going on with his heart. That is where we are now.

2 things I want to share. The leading pedia-cardiologist in the nation is at this hospital. Obviously God did not have us come down here just to see Dr. Quintero. He knew what he was doing. I try to look at it like this. There are some people down here that need to see God and His hands and the only way they will get to do that could be through me and my family. Can you imagine that you could possibly be the only example of Jesus Christ some people will ever see? Don't hold back anymore. If you feel like God is telling you to witness, then u better be witnessing! Be the light in peoples dark worlds. We all can do it.

The 2nd thing I wanted to share is this: We went down to have the test done for Tyce's heart and it is now beating normal. No medication. Just our mighty God. :)

The Britts

More details about earlier today ;o)

Hey Y'all!!! It's ReneƩ!!! I know I've had a lot of messages and comments that I haven't replied to. I promise I will, I just wanted to blog about what's been going on since the procedure.

I know Scott shared the procedure went well. PRAISE GOD!!! We've got 2 beautiful baby boys with great heart beats this morning (AND they've been kicking like crazy hehe) PRAISE GOD!!!

However, after the procedure I started having some rough contractions and continued to contract every 2 minutes. EESH!!! It is normal to contract a bit after having the procedure, but to make sure and stop the contractions they had to give me magnesium. I also had to take a pill to help me sleep last night. The contractions stopped in the middle of the night so they took me off of the magnesium. HOWEVER, the contractions started again and they had to put me back on the magnesium. So, I'm giving my uterus a pep talk and we're trying to get it together ;o).....

**I was typing this early this morning. Dr. Quintero came in so I stopped.... here's what happened next**

He was looking at the boys on the ultrasound and let us know about a medicine we could take that would slow down the amount of fluid being produced in order to "buy us more time". Then we suddenly saw Tyce's heart was A-rhythmic. Meaning it was beating incorrectly... way too fast. So our sonographer, Jill, took over and started documenting the irregularity in his heart. It was funny, Dr. Quintero's exact words were, "Jesus Christ, never a dull moment!" Then he looked over, smiled & let us know there is medicine that can fix this right up ;o) In the bible it says "Call on my name".... Lord, we are calling out to you and so grateful for every single day you give us!!

We then went down and had a fetal echo cardiogram so that we could have a pediatric cardiologist check out the sonograms. Did we mention this is a leading pediatric cardiologist? God is SOOOOO GOOD!!! So, now we have the leading TTTS Doctor & the leading Pediatric Cardiologist working with us ;o)

We went down & had the fetal echo cardiogram & guess what? Tyce's heart was absolutely normal!! Thank you Lord!!! Just another blessing!!! ;o)

I also want to point out how great God's timing is!! Cindy, our Pastor's wife, just happened to invite all the ladies from church over for coffee and fellowship on Wednesday. That's the same day we found out there was nothing else we could do to fix the TTTS. So, the coffee & fellowship turned into a meeting of prayer warriors!! I was having the Amnio Patch & Amnio Reduction at the same time they were praying. How amazing? It makes me tear up to think of all that God has in store for us. This truly is just the beginning!!

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Please continue to pray for the boys and I. That they would continue to grow and that our pregnancy would be a long one. We are praying to last 36 weeks. Today I am 22 weeks 6 days.

Please pray for Mom & Scott who are with me & Dad who is on a flight down here.

Please pray for Shae as her world is completely different right now. She is in great hands and very loved, but since Monday, everything's been different for her.

Thank you for your prayers for Charlie, our fish!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Procedure is over

The procedure has been over for about 2 hours now. Everything went well. They were able to get the patch done as well as take out a little over 2 liters of amniotic fluid. She has a had contractions since the procedure but they gave her some magnesium to calm things down and it seems to be working. She just can't get comfortable. Please pray that she can get some rest.

First thing tomorrow morning they will do an ultrasound to check on Shyloh and Tyce. After that, we will hopefully get to head back to the hotel. She will be able to come home for a few days but will need to come back next week. She will more than likely remain in Miami from that point on.

She got to eat and as I finish this up I look over and I believe she is asleep. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. God is good all the time!


The Britts

The latest and greatest

Renee was able to watch the video of the procedure that they did the first time she was down here. Know this, she was the first person to ever get to do that with Dr. Q. While watching the video the doctor discovered some bad news. There is nothing more he can do to help our boys. He can still go in and take out fluid to help Renee be more comfortable but that is it. He asked if she wanted to let go of Shyloh so Tyce would have a better chance and Renee immediately said NO! These boys are a package deal! :) The boys are doing well. Shyloh is a fighter and just like his momma he will refuse to give up! He might be small but he is full of heart and determination.

So, we have some decisions to make. Renee's specialist called and told Dr. Q that he thought it would be better if Renee and the boys stayed under Dr. Q's care. That would require us to stay down here until the boys come or drive back and forth. We both feel more comfortable under his care but we need some help to make it possible. Please pray for God's direction in our lives as we attempt to figure out what to do.

Renee is still going to have a procedure today but mainly to just remove fluid and to also perform the "patch" procedure.

Is this a setback? NO! This is God showing us that he is God and that he is the Great Physician. Even though the man He gave the gift to save thousands of babies is unable to help our boys anymore, we praise Him for the care and love we have received from Dr. Q and will continue to praise Him for every kick Renee feels. We are so proud of Shyloh and Tyce for taking care of each other and we can't wait to meet 2 more of God's special children!

Love you all!

The Britts

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I forgot to post this picture that's hanging in Dr. Quintero's office. It's one of the babies he was able to save with an Amnio Patch ;o) I can't wait to have 2 babies here to show off as Miracle babies ;o)
We had our doctors appointment today and learned a WHOLE LOT of new things. This blog might be lengthy so if you need to stop and get some popcorn & a soda now is the time ;o)

Today was a long day full of great things. We got to the hospital at 9am and left around 5:30. My ultrasound was 3 hours today, but we learned a lot! I'm very excited for dinner tonight seeing as I can't eat after midnight again. I plan on getting crazy on some seafood!!!

Great news =

1. My cervix is looking AMAZING!!!! (Probably because I do my cervix cheer every time they measure me lol)

2. Shyloh and Tyce have grown adequate amounts ;o) Tyce = 1 lb 13 oz & Shyloh = 15 oz

3. Dr. Quintero is awesome... still

Now for the complicated part....

I don't remember if I shared with y'all that my placenta is ANTERIOR meaning its at the top/front of my placenta as opposed to having a posterior placenta at the bottom of your uterus like most do. Everything you read about TTTS and having the Laser procedure says that Anterio is NOT good. However, God is SOOOOO GOOD!!! (I'll explain why in just a second)

Tyce & Shyloh have persistent TTTS and a full membrane detachment. Let me brake it down for you just like Dr. Quintero broke it down for us....

Imagine that the babies are in a room. ALL of the sheet rock comes off of the wall and acts like a curtain draping over the babies (the sheet rock is my membrane). Well, if my Placenta were on the floor (posterior) the procedures he has to do would be very difficult, BUT because my placenta is on the ceiling(Anterior) he gets to see all the exposed "wiring" of my wall (placenta) ;o) THEREFORE having an Anterior placenta is a complete blessing!!!! This makes us an extremely rare case ;o)

Tomorrow afternoon I get to watch the video of the last procedure with Dr. Quintero and decide which vessels to target and look at again. (PLUS that means I get to see my babies on the video just like I did during the procedure last time!!!) After he studies the video we will have a 3 for 1 surgery. I will have more vessels lasered, 1-2 liters of fluid extracted, & an amnio patch to attach the membrane back where it is supposed to be. Just to give you an idea of how much fluid I have in my uterus, I am measuring what a woman carrying 1 baby who is 43 weeks pregnant would measure!!! WOWSERS!!! That could explain why I can't get comfy...

I go in at 8:30 am tomorrow. Get my labs and pre-op taken care of. My surgery should be around 1pm.

After the procedure I'll stay 1 night in the hospital and then I'll be on bedrest again.

I am very excited to see the boys through the microscope again. I'm hoping with less fluid I'll be able to sleep better and be less uncomfortable. Plus, Mom & Scott keep rubbing my back to help, so maybe they won't have to ;o)

Thank you SOOOOOO much for your prayers and support!!! We truly appreciate it!!!

Prayer requests:

Please pray for our doctors & nurses to ensure a smooth procedure
Please pray for a speedy recovery for me and the boys
Please pray for Mom & Scott as they help take care of me, & wait patiently all day tomorrow. It's going to be a long day for all of us.
Please pray for Shae & My Dad who are at home.
Please pray for our fish Charlie.... we have to remind Dad to feed him hahaha

Thank you so much again for your prayers!!! We serve a mighty God & can't wait to see all the wonderful things that will come out of our situation. We praise God in everything!!

Britt Family

Monday, May 31, 2010

Every day is a blessing!!

We made it to Miami!!! PRAISE GOD!!! We are staying in the Hilton Downtown & I just want to say thank you again to a friend who donated this room to us. We are sooooooo grateful and I can't thank you enough!!! The view is AMAZING!!! AND Rihanna stayed on the same floor as us this past weekend!! Woohoo!!! ;o)

Our appt. is at 9am tomorrow morning. So, as soon as we know anything either Scott or myself will update the blog.

We are grateful for every single kick and every single day!!!

Prayer requests:

Please pray for the doctors tomorrow as they check out the boys.
Please pray for safe travels for Scott, Mom & Myself.
Please pray for Shae & My Dad as they are holding down the fort at home.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

God's own time

This morning I was on my way to pick up Shae from my in-laws and I could think of nothing but the journey my family is on. Up and down, up and down. That is the way it has been going for us lately. If any of you know me very well then you know how much I worry. I worry until my stomach is in knots. This journey is no different for me. I worry for the well being of my wife. I worry about the health of Shyloh and Tyce. I worry about Shae. I worry about how we are going to pay our mortgage, pay for our car, pay for all of these medical bills that are coming, and pay everything else we have to pay for. All of these things are going through my mind as I am driving. I pass a house and notice an old man cutting his grass. "I wonder if he has any worries?" It was at that moment that I remembered Psalm 46:10. "Be still and know that I am God." As I kept driving I noticed a house that was down right filthy. Grass was 5 ft high. Busted out windows. Gutters hanging off. Old cars that were rusted out. You could tell that someone didn't care too much for their living space. I then began to think about my life and what people saw when they looked at me. Hmmmmmm. Needless to say, I am still thinking about it as I type this. I need to make changes. And in God's own time, those changes are happening. Let it go. That is what I've stumbled on. Just let it go. GIve it to Him. I gave this entire situation to him. Our finances. Our twins. Our family. And I did all of this during a 15 minute drive while being still. :)
As Shae and I were driving to our house I got a phone call from Renee. I could barely understand her. She sounded like she was crying. I asked what was wrong and she began to tell me about a phone call she had just received. A customer/consignor at her shop who has been following our blog had called her to let her know that she and her husband have been praying for us and that they wanted to give us a "gift certificate" for one night at a Hilton hotel. Huh. Guess we have one night covered for our trip to MIami. :) (Thank you. You know who you're) Later in the day my father in law called us to let us know that someone had called the shop to find out how the could help us with our medical bills. Call me crazy. but I am starting to see a pattern here. Do these 2 examples solve all of our worries? Nope. But it does show that God is in control and in His own time he will show himself. This isn't our money. This isn't our house. This isn't our car. This is Gods. It is all His. We pretend like it is ours because we think we have somehow earned it. Ha! These are blessings from God and sometimes it takes finding out that your pregnancy is like 1 in a million odds and because of those odds you end up having to go to a specialist 2 times a week to make sure your babies are doing ok and when they are not you have to put everything on hold and drive to Miami to have a procedure done that is only performed in 3 hospitals in the U.S. and then wait till the next day to see if both of your babies survived and then go back home to see your specialist again so he can tell you that everything is improving and you only need to come in once a week, to only find out that there is too much amniotic fluid being produced and they need to take some out that later causes you to have contractions and cramping that leads to going to the ER at midnight and then back to the specialist the next day to see that the fluid level hasn't improved much and you need to drive back down to Miami to have more tests done so you can see the blessings that He has given us. Blessings. Be still. Yes, they go hand n hand. This is all Gods. He will provide in His own time and if it is His will. How can I get mad at that? I can't. All I can do is pray and trust. Those 2 things will propel the changes in my life.

We will be leaving early Monday morning. Please pray for us to have safe travels and for the doctors that will be taking care of Renee, Shyloh, and Tyce. Also, know that we are praying for all of you as well. We love y'all!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Traveling Again

We found out today that we are going back down to Miami. Right now it is just to be reevaluated. We'll know more after the ultra sounds and evaluation. But if you could please keep us in your prayers. We leave early Monday morning and my appt. is Tuesday at 9am.

We'll let you know something as soon as we know anything more.

The Britt Famizzle

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just a little something from the pictures my friend Jacques took ;o)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

just a little hiccup in the road...

Sooooooo I went to the emergency room last night with mild contractions. Everything is fine. My uterus was irritable.... I'm just glad I didn't get irritable ;o) They started around 8ish with 3-4 an hour and I was cramping so that was kinda scary. But, my cervix is still long and closed. HALLELUJAH!!! So, no preterm labor for me!! WOOHOO!!! Just didn't get much sleep.

BUT, my Dad watched Shae for us while we were there until 1:30am and Mom offered to take her to school this morning. I have 2 appointments this morning so it let me sleep in an extra 30 minutes ;o) I am VERY grateful for my parents and the extra sleep!!!

We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO blessed to have all the friends and family in our lives!!! Truly, you are appreciated!! I don't know if we could ever tell you enough. THANK YOU!!!!

The Britt Famizzle

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Tuesday!!! Hope everyone's having a good day. I had an appointment with my specialist today. I am 21 Weeks 3 Days today. The boys are doing good, the doppler looks great, but MAN is my stomach tight!! I gained 7 lbs in a week. That's A WHOLE LOT for me!! Turns out there is a TON of fluid in my uterus. My uterus was all the way up in my rib cage. So, we decided to do a Theraputic Amnio Reduction. OUCH!!! That hurt!!!!

The largest pocket of fluid last week was 9.55 cm and this week it was 13.31 cm. That's a heck of a lot of fluid produced in a week!!! They took out almost a liter of fluid. The same amount they took out in Miami. My pocket went down to just over 12 cm. Realistically they will probably have to go back and take out more again because the boys will continue to produce fluid but it definitely helped me!! My back isn't hurting, my stomach isn't tight, and I look like a bikini model..... hahaha ok maybe a really pregnant bikini model ;o)

We go back tomorrow for a follow up. So I'm sure we'll be writing a praise report afterwards!!!

I am supposed to take it easy today and I'm getting pregnancy pictures taken today ;o) SOOO excited!!

Please keep praying for our boys!! We praise God for every day and every kick. We know that God has a big plan for all of us and can't wait to see what it is!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Renee went to a fetal cardiologist today so they could check out Tyce's heart. While she was in Miami they found a small hole in his heart. They didn't seem too concerned and said it could disappear by the time the boys were born. Well, the cardiologist could not find the hole and he said everything looked great! Everything seems to be improving more and more each day. :)

This has been a week of good news for the boys and look forward to Renee's next visit so we can hear more good news. Hope everyone has had a good week and hope everyone has a great weekend!

The Britts

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HUGE Praise report!!!

We heard great news at the specialist today!!!

1. Shyloh no long shows signs of reversal in his doppler ;o)

2. Shyloh weighs 11 oz now. He gained 2 oz in less than a week!!

3. Tyce is now 18 oz (1lb 2 oz). He gained 4 oz in less than a week.

4. After Wednesday I'm off bedrest ;o) I just have to take it easy. YIPEEEE!!!!

Such a huge blessing!!! My specialist didn't see the hole in Tyce's heart that the guys down in Miami did, so I have to go to a pediatric cardiologist to get another fetal echo cardiogram to get it checked out. So, maybe they didn't see it because it's healed!! We believe in miracles, afterall!!

Just to give you some perspective.... We were talking to our nurse that does the ultrasounds and in the past year we are the 3rd case that has been sent to have the surgery done. So, this is even more rare than I realized before....

Thank you as always for your support & prayers. It means more than we'll ever be able to express!! We are still asking for prayers that Shyloh & Tyce continue to improve each week!!

You have to let your happiness out so you can be happy!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Check up day!!

Well, Renee has a check up tomorrow. It's her first one since last Wednesday. This whole bed rest thing has been a down spot for her but she knows it is needed and she is handling it very well. Just a few more days and then she can start moving around a little more each day. Shyloh and Tyce are moving around a lot and we thank the Lord every time they do.
We hope and pray that the boys are progressing and that the doctors will see some improvement tomorrow morning. I have a feeling we will. :)
Please say a prayer for our visit tomorrow. Her appointment is at 8:30 a.m.

We hope everyone had a great weekend and we look forward to updating everyone after our visit tomorrow. Thank you to everyone that has prepared food for us. We greatly appreciate it! I think my belly has grown since last week. :)

The Britts

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home sweet home

Renee, Rick, and Nancy made it home about 5:45. I could tell they were all tired but I couldn't hide my excitement to see them....especially my wife! Shae was ecstatic as well. It is so great to have the family back under our house again.

Renee will be on bed rest for 1 week. So, if you wanna drop by, feel free to do so. She would love the company!

Everything is going well. She has a little rash and some swelling near where they did the procedure but she is feeling great. Her first check up since the procedure is this coming Tuesday. Please keep praying for her and the boys. We feel like we are almost over the hill on our journey and we owe it all to God and all of your thoughts and prayers. Thank you again.

The Britts

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Wednesday and we're on the way!!!

So, everything went well yesterday. Turns out after they went in and looked around with the microscope that Shyloh & Tyce still needed to share some arteries and vessels. They were only able to cut off 1 of the 4 arteries that connected them. This is because Shyloh had hardly any of the placenta, therefore he lives off of the supply of blood pumped from Tyce over to Shyloh. So, now that Tyce is NOT being bombarded with blood he will hopefully be pumping more to Shyloh. ;o)

I know this is a lot to read and understand, but overall it is a GREAT thing. The doctor said that every other patient that has had the same semi circular pattern that he has done the same procedure on has been a success. So, that's AWESOME news!!

They did find a small hole in Tyce's heart this morning that they think will fix itself. Lets pray it does. Just a little fun fact... Their hearts are the size of a dime.

SOOOOOOOO Long story short, we aren't cured of TTTS but we have helped the situation so much that it may correct itself ;o)

I was just told that I'll be discharged today, YAY!!! So we'll be home tomorrow afternoon. We will only drive 1/2 way today and then the other 1/2 tomorrow because it's already so late in the afternoon.

Thanks as always for the prayers and support. We still have a ways to go, but we praise God for every day!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Surgery is over!! :)

Renee is out of surgery and the doc said everything went great! They did the procedure and also took about a liter of fluid from Tyce. So, she will stay the night at the hospital and then have an ultrasound tomorrow. If everything still looks good, she will get to leave the hospital and chill at the hotel.

Thank you to everyone for the prayers. This was pretty hard on Renee because she was unable to eat or drink anything since midnight. That is why God gave mothers the ability to have children. He knew us guys would have given up a long time ago. :)

I'll have another update tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great night!!

The Britts

The Great Physician

Renee is now in pre op. They did the consult and lab work this morning and determined they needed to do the procedure today. They are at stage 3 of TTTS. Shyloh's heart is showing some signs of weakness but all of that can be corrected with this procedure. Please say a prayer for Renee, Shyloh, Tyce and more importantly Dr. Quintero.

We believe in a huge God and he is the great physician. We are excited for the possibilities of this procedure and to see God's hands on HIS children. I'll post another blog as soon as I hear from Rick and Nancy.

This is pretty cool....Renee will not be completely under during the procedure. This means she will be able to see our boys in 3D on the monitor! Amazing stuff if you ask me. :)

If you have some time, please say a prayer for all of us. We greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

The Britts

This song is for Renee, Shae, and our boys.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bienvenidos A Miami "Welcome to Miami"

Wanted to let everyone know Mom, Dad & I are in Miami!!! It's hot down here!! I definitely miss Scott, Shae, & Georgia in general....

I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 7am to have my consultation with Dr. Quinterro. If they determine that it IS TTTS then I'll have lab work done. They've already warned us that the consultation alone can take about 4 hours. EESH! Good thing they allow me to bring food and drinks ;o)

The next morning, Wednesday, I'll have the procedure at O'dark thirty. I'll stay overnight in the hospital and the next morning if Shyloh & Tyce look good on the ultrasound I'll be discharged. SOOOOOO for tonight we just relax and take it easy ;o) I'm sure I'll try to blog tomorrow after the consultation.

Thank you for your prayers and support!!! We truly appreciate it!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!

Well, as I write this blog Renee, her Mom, and her Dad are driving down to Miami. They should arrive sometime tonight. If all of the insurance ""stuff" is done then Renee will have a consult as well as lab work done Monday afternoon. She will then have the procedure done at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning and will need to stay overnight. If all goes well she will be released the next day. The procedure could take 45 mins or 2 hours. It is all dependent on how much work needs to be done. Also, everything could be pushed back a day depending on how soon our insurance responds.

Renee's doc informed us that she could get down there and might be sent right back home. This would only happen if they determined there isn't TTTS. I'm praying that everything will be as it should be by the time she gets down there.

So, Shae and I will be holding down the fort for a few days. I see lots of pizza in our future. Probably some cookies as well! :)

Please say a prayer for Renee and her parents as they travel to Miami and a prayer for her docs and nurses. They will see something different in Renee and eventually they will wonder what it is that she has and will want to know how to get it. Isn't that why God sends trials our way? To be a light for Him? I certainly think so.

We hope all of the mother's out there have a wonderful day! You all deserve it! Thank you so much for the thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. It really means a lot to us.

The Britt

Thursday, May 6, 2010

In the words of Will Smith......

"I'm going to Miami". :) Renee had her Thursday checkup and things have not improved. Shyloh and Tyce now have TTTS. So, all of the insurance info has been sent off and now we wait for the docs in Miami to give us a call and let us know when we need to come down. It will most likely be next week. We are not looking at this as a "bad" spot to be in. This is great news because now we can get on with remedying the issues and the doctor that will be doing the procedure is the same doctor that "invented" the procedure. Renee will be in great hands.

Renee got to see the boys again and as usual they were moving all around. One of them even kicked so hard that the tech felt it! "Uh, yeah, you can go ahead and stop bothering us". :)

We can only trust in God and know that no matter what happens in our lives, there will be good that comes out of it. Thank you again for all of your prayers and concerns. Please keep praying for all of us as we continue on with our sometimes difficult but rewarding journey.

The Britts

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Mr. Positive ;o)

So, in case you didn't know, Scott has been doing the blogs lately to update everyone on everything with Shyloh and Tyce. I just want to take a minute to brag on him.

I'm not going to pretend, I'm pretty upset about all that has happened in the last few weeks. It's VERY hard for me to hear each week that there are things wrong with my pregnancy. This is my body... Shouldn't I be able to control SOMETHING!?! Apparently not... My uterus is too thin, My baby's umbillical cord isn't pumping correctly, and The fluids in each of the amniotic sacs are on the line of being TTTS.... My usual positive outlook is pretty dim lately.... But, do you know who's been Mr. Positive?!?! Mr. Scott Britt!!

Every time we get some "not so great" news he's right there with a reason why it's ok... Why it's not nearly as bad as it could be... Why we're lucky today... ALL of which are things I need to hear ;o)

I was told today that I can no longer do any vigorous activity (meaning no more dance), I can't lift more than 15 lbs (which means absolutly no more picking up Shae... THAT breaks my heart) and I need to sit often during the day. So, this means Scott has to not only work 2 jobs, mow the lawn, do housework, help me & help me with Shae. But, he hasn't complained once. He just figures out ways to work around it...

I'm not sharing all this to complain, I just want everyone to know what reality is for me, and us. So, having typed all that, I would just like to say that I am SOOOOO blessed to have a husband who does so much for his family. SOOOOO BLESSED!!!

Thank you Baby!!

We love you!!
ReneƩ, Shae, Shyloh & Tyce

Update - No out of state trips yet.....

These 2 boys are something else. When they come into this world they are going to turn the place upside down! :)
We are still borderline TTTS and the doppler is still the same but the doc said we do not need to plan any trips just yet. However, there is a new issue. Renee had Shae via c-section. Because of her scar, her uterus has thinned a lot more than it should. So, Renee will have to take it easy from here on out. If it gets any worse then she will have to be on bed rest and possibly admittance to the hospital until she has the boys.
So, we are still in a holding pattern but we are thankful that they didn't see MORE stress on Shyloh and Tyce and that we haven't had to plan a trip yet. Her next appointment is Thursday and I will have another update then. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We are all doing great and we can't wait to meet our boys! :)

The Britts

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fantastic weekend

We have had a great weekend of family and just hanging out together. We hope everyone had a great weekend as well. Tomorrow is a pretty big day. Renee goes in to see her specialist at 11 a.m. We have been praying for a miracle and we have hope that tomorrow Shyloh will have improved. If he hasn't then we will be scheduling a trip to Miami or Cincinnati. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. These appointments aren't exactly easy for Renee. She sometimes has to lay there for 2 hours as they do the ultrasound. She is a tough girl though. :)

Thank you for all of your prayers.

Britt fam.

Friday, April 30, 2010

More good news!

The doctors from Miami called and they agreed with Renee's specialist doctors. There is not enough criteria yet to give the TTTS diagnosis. BUT, they are concerned with the blood flow in the umbilical cord. It is low for Shyloh. So, Renee will have her next specialist visit on Monday and based on the doppler of the umbilical blood flow with Shyloh, we might have to make a trip to Miami. We need it to improve by Monday. If it is the same or worse then Miami here we come! Please pray for Shyloh that his doppler will improve. Thank you everyone for caring! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Scott, Renee, Shae, Shyloh, and Tyce

Good news!!

Renee's specialist called her this morning to let her know that they (they being her 3 specialist doctors) conferred and decided that we do not meet the criteria for TTTS as of yet. So, there is NO emergency situation right now! :) They did send Renee's info to the laser procedure doctors in Cincinnati and Miami and are currently waiting to hear back from them. They could say Renee needs to go ahead and plan a visit to them but that isn't a bad thing. If anything, it means we would be ahead of the curve! :)

Thank you all for the encouragement and prayers. Keep it up!

Scott, Renee, and Shae Bird

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our boys Our fight Our God

To begin, I would like to explain something to you. This something is called TTTS. Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) is a disease of the placenta (or afterbirth) that affects identical twin pregnancies. TTTS affects identical twins (or higher multiple gestations) who share a common monochorionic placenta. The shared placenta contains abnormal blood vessels which connect the umbilical cord and circulations of the twins.The common placenta may also be shared unequally by the twins. The events in pregnancy that lead to TTTS are all random. TTTS is not hereditary or genetic, nor caused by anything the parents did or did not do. Depending on the number, type and direction of the connecting vessels, blood can be transfused disproportionately from one twin (the donor) to the other twin (the recipient). The transfusion causes the donor twin to have decreased blood volume. This in turn leads to slower than normal growth than its co-twin, and poor urinary output causing little to no amniotic fluid or oligohydramnios (the source of most of the amniotic fluid is urine from the baby). The recipient twin becomes overloaded with blood. This excess blood puts a strain on this baby’s heart to the point that it may develop heart failure, and also causes this baby to have too much amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios) from a greater than normal production of urine. TTTS can occur at any time during pregnancy, even while a mother is in labor at term. The placental abnormalities determine when and to what degree a transfusion occurs between the twins. Chronic TTTS describes those cases that appear early in pregnancy (12-26 weeks’ gestation). These cases are the most serious because the babies are immature and cannot be delivered. In addition, the twins will have a longer time during their development in the womb to be affected by the TTTS abnormalities. Without treatment, most of these babies would not survive and of the survivors, most would have handicaps or birth defects. THANK YOU COPY AND PASTE. :)

I know that was a lot to digest, but there is a reason I posted it first. I need you to understand what it is so you might have an idea of the road Renee and I have to travel. Our boys are borderline TTTS. TTTS occurs in about 6,000 babies per year. That might seem like a lot of babies but there are almost 4 million births per year worldwide. As you can tell, we are dealing with a rare condition. If it is discovered in the first 2 trimesters it is likely that one or both babies will not survive unless there is medical interference. This leads me to my next topic....

There is a procedure to correct TTTS. It involves a laser that is used to "rewire" the blood vessels so that all levels will even out and both babies will grow equally. Does the procedure correct the issue? Yes. But there is a 65% chance that both babies will survive and a 85% chance that one will survive. Also, there are only 3 childrens hospitals in the U.S. that perform this procedure. Cincinnati, Texas, and Miami. Thank the Lord Renee likes to travel. :)

You might think the odds are stacked against us. They are. But we know that God is in control and he has a plan. There have been thousands of TTTS cases where the babies were delivered with no problems at all. We are nothing but positive. We are so lucky to have family and friends that are already doing things to help us out. They are such sanity savers. Please do not feel sorry for us. We are fine and we know that Shyloh Lee and Tyce Lynn will be fine as well. All we ask for is your prayers and your encouragement.

We will keep you up to date with everything that is going on.

Thank you for your time.

Scott, Renee, and Shae

Monday, April 12, 2010

Just call me Opal the Optimist

Well, I've joined a site for Mono amniotic Twin Moms & Moms-to-be and I LOVE it!! Kind of settles my nerves to read about all the success stories. I know my feelings are normal and it helps ease some worries of things to come!! The site is If you read the welcome letter you can learn a little about this type of twin pregnancy. Very enlightening.

So, I know that I will most likely go on bed rest and potentially go inpatient. Both of those don't go well with my schedule, however Scott and I have been able to find some good news in all of this!!! We have been able to reach out to family and friends to help with Shae while Scott is working. All of whom have been readily available and willing to help us should we need them!! Praise God!! PLUS when I go inpatient I will be at Gwinnett Medical Center, so Scott can come eat lunch with me during his lunch break!!! He literally works 5 minutes away, so it will be nice to see him so often!! Now we just have to figure out a way for me to see my favorite little blonde girl as often as possible!!!

Our house is getting more and more organized and the way we want it to look. Our bedroom is ALMOST completely organized. Scott did the Man/Craft room for me yesterday and it looks SOOOOOOO good!! He hung up our pictures and got it organized and ready for me to start crafting like crazy!!

Speaking of crafting, hopefully I'll be able to Cricut while I'm inpatient!! That or I'll have to get back into crocheting scarfs and try to make hats or something!! hahaha Just trying to stay positive and get everything in order NOW so I won't be freaking out later when the time comes!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter laughs ;o)

Happy Easter y'all!!! Hope everyone's having an awesome day with family and friends!!!

I learned yesterday that there are no language barriers between Shae and I, only language hillarities. Shae told me yesterday that her soccer game got "pencilled"... or cancelled. We also made "Colored Greens" ... or Collard Greens yesterday. haha

This morning the Easter Bunny left a basket full of goodies for Shae. She went downstairs to see this amazing basket... or so we thought. She saw the basket and then started looking around. She asked, "Where are all the presents?" Scott and I just die laughing and tell her all her presents are in her basket. She chuckled and looked at her Daddy like "yeah right. Where are all my presents" So of course we die laughing even harder!! We then explain the easter bunny only leaves a basket full of presents. I guess she thought it was going to be like Christmas with gifts all over the place!!!

I am now in my 2nd trimester. I'm 14 weeks pregnant with Monoamniotic Twins (Momo Twins). I go see a specialist on April 19th. If you know anything about twins then you know this is a higher risk pregnancy. (If you want to learn more, go to for more information) On a lighter note, we're hoping they get a glance at one babies sex during the ultrasound at the specialist's office. Since we're having identical twins we only need ONE baby to show us if we're having boys or girls. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO anxious to know. We found out we were pregnant at about 3 weeks along. So, I knew alot earlier this pregnancy. I swear it feels like I've known I was pregnant forever!!!!

Hope you continue to enjoy your Easter... I'm going to nap now!!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pete and Repeat

Exciting news!! I was reading today and found out I'm only drinking 1/2 the amount of water I should each day. I ONLY drink 1/2 a gallon of water each day... I need to drink 1-2 gallons a day.... WHAT?!? That's a crap-ton (yes, that is a gigantic measurement) of water!! So, let me break it down...

1 Gallon = 128 Ounces
128 Ounces = 8, 16ounce water bottles
8, 16 ounce water bottles = 10.6 Ounces of water per hour (based on a 12 hour day)
10.6 Ounces of water per hour = 87009976569 trips to the bathroom daily

Can't I just get an IV drip or something?!? Slightly overwhelmed with 1/2 a gallon, so I'm definitely "whelmed" with the idea of a gallon...

Here's some funny news in the Britt family life: Shae is repeating EVERYTHING!!! Scott was listening to 680 the fan in the car and Shae was on her pretend phone. The whole thing went something like this... *Radio announcer* - "Michael Jordan is retired" Shae giggles in the backseat and says (On her play phone) Michael Jordan is tired HAHAHAHA Please take into account that she has a southern drawl already and the best giggle.

We are pretty sure Shae is a genius. It was just one of those things we, like all parents, knew at birth. She's our kid so of course she's the smartest, tallest, best behaved, cutest, all around best baby ever. Well, we got another confirmation today on her complete awesomeness!! Scott & Shae went to Fred's (A store in Winder) and Shae was in the cart and said, "We just went left and now we're going to go right" Well a lady stopped them and asked how old she was. Apparently this lady is a teacher and informed us that not all 5th graders can tell left from right as well as Shae. So, yes we are now 110% sure she is the smartest kid EVER!!! It must be in the genes ;o)

Although I have more to type all this water is making me drowsy. hahah so I have to go to bed.

To Be Continued...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow covered Nebraska and the livings easy....

WOW!!! is it cold up here!!! Shae and I took 2 flights to come visit this frozen tundra-like state to see my best friend since 6th grade. That's forever in girl years!!! We had the worst lay-over EVER!!!! To top it all off, Shae is potty training (Doing SUPER too) but when we're taxied just off the runway with the fasten seat belt light illuminated waiting for the city of Milwaukee to open up the runway again in the middle of snow flurries and Shae says she, "HAS to go potty", it's not so pretty! haha no worries though... we made it to the potty after asking the attendant who had to ask the captain permission and took off after a short 90 minute delay.... HA! Thankfully, Shae slept almost the entire delay and flight snuggled up on my lap. It was so sweet!!

We went to the zoo and to a bouncy indoor play area today. Shae had soooo much fun!! Apparently we wore her out so much that she was ready to go eat!! She kept asking for dinner at 11am Nebraska time ;o)

I do have to say Shae is deathly afraid of dogs, FOR SURE. Lex and Jer have a little Malti-Pin that is 6 pounds, Marley. If Marley even looks at Shae I have to pick Shae Shae up, so as you can imagine Shae starts shaking and screaming if the little bitty dog gets close. Marley is a sweet girl, but Shae is just scared to death. I feel bad, but Lex and Jer have been sweet enough to separate her from Shae bird ;o)

Tomorrow we go swimming at an indoor park. YAY for a mediocre body in a swimsuit!!! Who's excited? HA! Since my belly is already pooching yet looks nothing like a pregnant belly I will be donning a cover-up over the ONLY swimsuit I own that I can find both pieces AND fits me.... Have I mentioned that NONE of my jeans fit me anymore? Yeah, that was a sad day when I packed them up for post baby days... But, nothing like a little shopping to lift my spirits!!! Scott took me birthday shopping for maternity jeans ;o) I even found a cute pair of skinny jeans!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Soccer Moms RULE!

Scott made the observation today that I am officially a *soccer Mom*. Haha!! Shae starts Soccer next month. Her team only has 6 players ;o) Should be super fun to watch!!!

Speaking of Soccer Moms, we test drove a van this weekend!! The van's name is "Stan the Van". It will replace "Frank the Tank" our Black Durango... Yes, we name all of our vehicles. And YES, Shae refers to them solely by their fun names!!!! HAHA!!!

The first time Shae got into the Van she told Scott she "Loved it!" Apparently this van has some paralyzing effect on Shae Shae. Every time we take a ride in it she falls asleep!! It's AMAZING to say the least!! -- Not that I'm driving a van, but that Shae is so comfortable she goes comatose!

Scott nor I EVER thought we'd be driving a minivan. We made a pact when we got married and had Shae.... NEVER would we be THOSE parents.... And here we are... becoming THOSE parents. Other than the stigmata of the van, it's actually pretty cool. Shae can climb in and out of her seat on her own, mostly. There is a drink holder made the PERFECT size to hold a juice box!! There is a rounded mirror so I can see the entire back of the car without turning around. It's TOTALLY family friendly!!! Don't tell anyone, but I kinda like all the cool features. But, I will definitely be the Hottest, Youngest Looking, Van Driving Soccer Mom EVER!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Twinky Twins!!

If you haven't heard, Scott and I are expecting Twins!!! Yep.... Our family almost doubled. Britt Famizzle party of *5*!!! WHAT WHAT?!?! Such exciting news!!!

We had the ultrasound today, that's how we found out. Scott had a panic attack, Shae freaked out because I was yelling and crying with excitement and the ultrasound tech was trying to calm and congratulate us all the while pointing out where each baby was on the screen. She was a great multi-tasker! I kept crying and laughing simultaneously.... had we been anywhere else people would have asked if I needed psychiatric help ;o)

Scott is still freaking out a little.... I am too a wee bit... It's kind of overwhelming to think we'll have 2 babies waking in the middle of the night to feed.... But then I think about all the awesomeness that will soon make up Team Britt and can't help but be completely elated!! 2 little mini britts on the way!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We seriously need to have our own show!

There are just funny things that happen in the Britt family WAY too often not to share them. Granted these funny moments involve our toddler almost every time, so it makes it even funnier! I would just like to highlight a few funny conversations that have taken place lately... Please Enjoy!!
Shae: "I going to Callie Birfday party" (I hope you understand Shae-a-nese)
Scott: "Oh Really... Well, what do you want to get her for her birthday?"
Shae: "Uhmmmm... Chicka nuggets"
What 3 year old wouldn't want chicken nuggets for their birthday? What makes this story even better is the fact that this soon to be three year old, Callie, made Scott & Shae pinky swear that they were both going to her birthday party ;o) I wonder if she's informed her parents?
We are potty training and we refer to the toilet as the "big girl potty" I love when Shae asks "Daddy, did you go potty in da big guhrl potty?"... especially in public ;o) haha
Oh, the "why"s have just begun!!! So, every now and then we succumb and say "because" so her rebuttal is "why because why?" haha you can't help but laugh!!!
These are just a couple reasons we think Shae is so stinkin' funny!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

So sorry Charlie ;o)

EESH!!! Off to a rough start... I forgot to feed Charlie, our first family pet. We haven't had him 24 hours and i'm already trying to kill him off!!! No need to worry though. We got home early this afternoon because of the snow and fed him right away. He is still alive and doing great!!! Now if I can just keep Shae from trying to give Charlie her food we'll keep him alive for at least a week!!! HA!

I'm soooo excited for the snow!!! It's beautiful and Shae can't wait to go play in it!!! Scott ran by wal-mart and the lines are 15 people long!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! I'm sure they are completely out milk bread eggs and probably beer by now!! hahaha people in GA really freak out over weather ;o)

Hope everyone enjoys their valentine's day weekend

Thursday, February 11, 2010

pets & survival

I thought I should make the announcement.... We got a pet!!! The easiest pet to take care of and hardest pet to kill!!! A beta fish!! But, if something were to happen, Petsmart does offer a 14 day return policy on all fishes. bahahahahaha that's for people like me who aren't keen on animals. I mean I like animals..... as long as they belong to someone else. ;o) Now I can add "the returnable type animals" to that short list of animals I like.

Now, don't get me wrong, I would love for us to have a family puppy dog. But, this dog would have to be potty trained, leash trained, non-shedding, non-chewing.... pretty much a statuesque dog that doesn't get on my furniture or bark at my friends... Maybe I could get a dog from Cesar, the Dog Whisperer!!! His dogs are always very well behaved!!

I saw a preview for a show on BBC America called "Survivors" about people who survived some type of plague that killed off virtually everyone. This may sound weird, but I LOVE this type of show or movie. 28 days later & 28 weeks later are 2 of my faves along with any of the mummy movies. I REALLY believe that I could survive if that ever happened. If the world went crazy, I know what I would do and how I would survive. Does anyone else think about that or am I just that morbid? I even know different ways to collect water.... haha It's probably just me...

Hope to wake up tomorrow and EVERYONE has "survived" hehe

There are still genuinely good people in this world

So, Tuesday night about 5:15 we realized that we needed to take Shae Bird to the doctor. Her eye was blood shot and goopy and that doesn't usually mean "well". We called her pediatrician.... closed. We called my family doctor.... closed. All of the places nearby were closed. We decide to go to the urgent care center where we had our physical done in order to keep our insurance..... Long story short, we were there about 2 1/2 hours so that Scott could comfortably give a vile of blood. Needless to say we REALLY got to know our nurse, Heather. Well, after Scott filled out the novel size stack of papers to sign Shae in we found out that they don't take our insurance and that the physical was just a contract job. So, we leave with a complimentary list of other offices that may accomidate us such as Chidlren's Healthcare of Atlanta, Gwinnett Urgent Something over off of Peachtree Industrial which will be closed by the time we get there & a few more that were either closed or would be closed by the time we drove the hour to get to them. About this time the doctor came out in the cold rain and asked what happened and apologized. He said he hated seeing sick kids sent away and that if it were his practice he would see her. We thanked him and headed to the japanese market behind the office.

As I was picking out my fave japanese rice Scott and Shae were out in the car. Scott called that same doctors office that we were turned away from to ask what we could do to help Shae if we can't make it to another office in time. It was at that time that Heather, you remember... the nurse we spent over 2 hours with for our physical, picked up the phone and asked us to come back and she would let us in the back door. The doctor wanted to make sure Shae didn't leave without being checked out.

We were SOOOOO grateful!! I never would have expected someone to be so kind.