Monday, January 17, 2011

These boots weren't made for walking...

Today was filled with a lot of laughter. Shae is sick at home with another sinus infection... Poor girl has had one a month for the past 3 or 4 months. So, I stayed home with her. I don't know which is funnier, the fact that she keeps tooting and sneezing simultaneously or her reaction to it!! She's embarrassed for a second and then apologizes and laughs. "I'm 'sposed to toot in the baffroom but it was an accident when I sneezed"

I've been able to make dinner for my family the past 2 nights and I have to say, I have really enjoyed it. Normally I don't get off work until after 7pm so I am unable to make dinner unless it's the occasional crockpot roast. Making dinner reminded me how rewarding it is for me to make food others enjoy eating.

Speaking of cooking, I am so excited to go see Paula Deen live at Cherokee! We will watch her make a dinner and then she has a meet and greet afterwards. The tickets were REALLY inexpensive!! I can't wait!! Hopefully I will leave with better cooking knowledge and a thicker southern drawl!! "hey y'all!"- in my best Paula Deen voice.

I had a bit more "get up and go" today than I've had in a while. That was reassuring. I really am trying to get to a happier place. But, baby steps are better than no steps right? I need to get back into my arts and crafts... That always makes me happy!! Even if it's just making things for Shae or my Mom, I enjoy it. Its like I get lost in it.

Just to solidify the fact that we need our own reality tv show at the shop, I am going to share a story. Someone I know tried on a pair of stretch knee high boots ( you know the kind without a zipper on the inside ). Well, it was a tight fit at the foot to get it on... It was clear they didn't fit. So, I see this person pulling it while sitting on the floor. It doesn't come off. Then she stands up and pulls... Nothing. Then she sits in a chair and the boot won't budge. I look at her color drained face and ask, "has the panic set in yet?" Without hesitation she quickly replies,"Yes! Go get my friend, please." so I quickly get her friend to help. I am DYING laughing and hear her say to her friend "it won't come off! I think we'll have to cut it off!! Wait, not my leg." At this point I can no longer breath I am laughing so hard. Best laugh I have had in a while!!

I know exactly how she felt because it happened to me at a department store with $90 boots that I couldn't afford to buy. They zipped up, but wouldn't come down until about 30 minutes later. I was mortified, first, that my calf was the size of a killer whale and 2nd, I was panicked because I COULD NOT afford to ask them to cut it off!! It was my early 20s ... I quickly learned NEVER to try on anything I could not afford to have cut off!! Haha

Now you all know an embarrassing fact about me . Feel free to leave a funny or embarrassing story yourself!!

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Rorirose01 said...

bahahahaha! That was awesome!