Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow covered Nebraska and the livings easy....

WOW!!! is it cold up here!!! Shae and I took 2 flights to come visit this frozen tundra-like state to see my best friend since 6th grade. That's forever in girl years!!! We had the worst lay-over EVER!!!! To top it all off, Shae is potty training (Doing SUPER too) but when we're taxied just off the runway with the fasten seat belt light illuminated waiting for the city of Milwaukee to open up the runway again in the middle of snow flurries and Shae says she, "HAS to go potty", it's not so pretty! haha no worries though... we made it to the potty after asking the attendant who had to ask the captain permission and took off after a short 90 minute delay.... HA! Thankfully, Shae slept almost the entire delay and flight snuggled up on my lap. It was so sweet!!

We went to the zoo and to a bouncy indoor play area today. Shae had soooo much fun!! Apparently we wore her out so much that she was ready to go eat!! She kept asking for dinner at 11am Nebraska time ;o)

I do have to say Shae is deathly afraid of dogs, FOR SURE. Lex and Jer have a little Malti-Pin that is 6 pounds, Marley. If Marley even looks at Shae I have to pick Shae Shae up, so as you can imagine Shae starts shaking and screaming if the little bitty dog gets close. Marley is a sweet girl, but Shae is just scared to death. I feel bad, but Lex and Jer have been sweet enough to separate her from Shae bird ;o)

Tomorrow we go swimming at an indoor park. YAY for a mediocre body in a swimsuit!!! Who's excited? HA! Since my belly is already pooching yet looks nothing like a pregnant belly I will be donning a cover-up over the ONLY swimsuit I own that I can find both pieces AND fits me.... Have I mentioned that NONE of my jeans fit me anymore? Yeah, that was a sad day when I packed them up for post baby days... But, nothing like a little shopping to lift my spirits!!! Scott took me birthday shopping for maternity jeans ;o) I even found a cute pair of skinny jeans!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Soccer Moms RULE!

Scott made the observation today that I am officially a *soccer Mom*. Haha!! Shae starts Soccer next month. Her team only has 6 players ;o) Should be super fun to watch!!!

Speaking of Soccer Moms, we test drove a van this weekend!! The van's name is "Stan the Van". It will replace "Frank the Tank" our Black Durango... Yes, we name all of our vehicles. And YES, Shae refers to them solely by their fun names!!!! HAHA!!!

The first time Shae got into the Van she told Scott she "Loved it!" Apparently this van has some paralyzing effect on Shae Shae. Every time we take a ride in it she falls asleep!! It's AMAZING to say the least!! -- Not that I'm driving a van, but that Shae is so comfortable she goes comatose!

Scott nor I EVER thought we'd be driving a minivan. We made a pact when we got married and had Shae.... NEVER would we be THOSE parents.... And here we are... becoming THOSE parents. Other than the stigmata of the van, it's actually pretty cool. Shae can climb in and out of her seat on her own, mostly. There is a drink holder made the PERFECT size to hold a juice box!! There is a rounded mirror so I can see the entire back of the car without turning around. It's TOTALLY family friendly!!! Don't tell anyone, but I kinda like all the cool features. But, I will definitely be the Hottest, Youngest Looking, Van Driving Soccer Mom EVER!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Twinky Twins!!

If you haven't heard, Scott and I are expecting Twins!!! Yep.... Our family almost doubled. Britt Famizzle party of *5*!!! WHAT WHAT?!?! Such exciting news!!!

We had the ultrasound today, that's how we found out. Scott had a panic attack, Shae freaked out because I was yelling and crying with excitement and the ultrasound tech was trying to calm and congratulate us all the while pointing out where each baby was on the screen. She was a great multi-tasker! I kept crying and laughing simultaneously.... had we been anywhere else people would have asked if I needed psychiatric help ;o)

Scott is still freaking out a little.... I am too a wee bit... It's kind of overwhelming to think we'll have 2 babies waking in the middle of the night to feed.... But then I think about all the awesomeness that will soon make up Team Britt and can't help but be completely elated!! 2 little mini britts on the way!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We seriously need to have our own show!

There are just funny things that happen in the Britt family WAY too often not to share them. Granted these funny moments involve our toddler almost every time, so it makes it even funnier! I would just like to highlight a few funny conversations that have taken place lately... Please Enjoy!!
Shae: "I going to Callie Birfday party" (I hope you understand Shae-a-nese)
Scott: "Oh Really... Well, what do you want to get her for her birthday?"
Shae: "Uhmmmm... Chicka nuggets"
What 3 year old wouldn't want chicken nuggets for their birthday? What makes this story even better is the fact that this soon to be three year old, Callie, made Scott & Shae pinky swear that they were both going to her birthday party ;o) I wonder if she's informed her parents?
We are potty training and we refer to the toilet as the "big girl potty" I love when Shae asks "Daddy, did you go potty in da big guhrl potty?"... especially in public ;o) haha
Oh, the "why"s have just begun!!! So, every now and then we succumb and say "because" so her rebuttal is "why because why?" haha you can't help but laugh!!!
These are just a couple reasons we think Shae is so stinkin' funny!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

So sorry Charlie ;o)

EESH!!! Off to a rough start... I forgot to feed Charlie, our first family pet. We haven't had him 24 hours and i'm already trying to kill him off!!! No need to worry though. We got home early this afternoon because of the snow and fed him right away. He is still alive and doing great!!! Now if I can just keep Shae from trying to give Charlie her food we'll keep him alive for at least a week!!! HA!

I'm soooo excited for the snow!!! It's beautiful and Shae can't wait to go play in it!!! Scott ran by wal-mart and the lines are 15 people long!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! I'm sure they are completely out milk bread eggs and probably beer by now!! hahaha people in GA really freak out over weather ;o)

Hope everyone enjoys their valentine's day weekend

Thursday, February 11, 2010

pets & survival

I thought I should make the announcement.... We got a pet!!! The easiest pet to take care of and hardest pet to kill!!! A beta fish!! But, if something were to happen, Petsmart does offer a 14 day return policy on all fishes. bahahahahaha that's for people like me who aren't keen on animals. I mean I like animals..... as long as they belong to someone else. ;o) Now I can add "the returnable type animals" to that short list of animals I like.

Now, don't get me wrong, I would love for us to have a family puppy dog. But, this dog would have to be potty trained, leash trained, non-shedding, non-chewing.... pretty much a statuesque dog that doesn't get on my furniture or bark at my friends... Maybe I could get a dog from Cesar, the Dog Whisperer!!! His dogs are always very well behaved!!

I saw a preview for a show on BBC America called "Survivors" about people who survived some type of plague that killed off virtually everyone. This may sound weird, but I LOVE this type of show or movie. 28 days later & 28 weeks later are 2 of my faves along with any of the mummy movies. I REALLY believe that I could survive if that ever happened. If the world went crazy, I know what I would do and how I would survive. Does anyone else think about that or am I just that morbid? I even know different ways to collect water.... haha It's probably just me...

Hope to wake up tomorrow and EVERYONE has "survived" hehe

There are still genuinely good people in this world

So, Tuesday night about 5:15 we realized that we needed to take Shae Bird to the doctor. Her eye was blood shot and goopy and that doesn't usually mean "well". We called her pediatrician.... closed. We called my family doctor.... closed. All of the places nearby were closed. We decide to go to the urgent care center where we had our physical done in order to keep our insurance..... Long story short, we were there about 2 1/2 hours so that Scott could comfortably give a vile of blood. Needless to say we REALLY got to know our nurse, Heather. Well, after Scott filled out the novel size stack of papers to sign Shae in we found out that they don't take our insurance and that the physical was just a contract job. So, we leave with a complimentary list of other offices that may accomidate us such as Chidlren's Healthcare of Atlanta, Gwinnett Urgent Something over off of Peachtree Industrial which will be closed by the time we get there & a few more that were either closed or would be closed by the time we drove the hour to get to them. About this time the doctor came out in the cold rain and asked what happened and apologized. He said he hated seeing sick kids sent away and that if it were his practice he would see her. We thanked him and headed to the japanese market behind the office.

As I was picking out my fave japanese rice Scott and Shae were out in the car. Scott called that same doctors office that we were turned away from to ask what we could do to help Shae if we can't make it to another office in time. It was at that time that Heather, you remember... the nurse we spent over 2 hours with for our physical, picked up the phone and asked us to come back and she would let us in the back door. The doctor wanted to make sure Shae didn't leave without being checked out.

We were SOOOOO grateful!! I never would have expected someone to be so kind.