Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our little boy

As a lot of you know, last year was a very eventful one for us. It was this time last year that we were in Miami trying to help our twin boys. It has been almost a year but some of the hurt still lingers and I assume it always will. Well, we are pregnant again with a boy named Dawson and wouldn't you know this pregnancy seems to be on a course of sheer excitement.
Last Friday, Renee had a checkup with her high risk doctor. Yes it is the same doctor we visited so many times last year. We know them well. :) During her ultrasound it was discovered that there is too much amniotic fluid. This could mean that Renee has gestational diabetes or something could be wrong with Dawson. He might be unable to swallow as well as he should or it could be as serious as down syndrome or it could be nothing at all and he will be perfectly normal. This past Monday, Renee went to her regular OBGYN for the diabetes testing. On Tuesday she found out that she is not even in the realm of being considered diabetic. So, now she is to see her high risk doc in 2 weeks to possibly see what is causing the excess amniotic fluid. They have given us the choice of testing to see if there are markers for down syndrome but we declined due to the fact that a gift from God is a gift from God. You take it no matter what He gives you.
Once again, we are asking for your thoughts and prayers. Our spirits are high and we know that God has something in store for us. We are being used and we only hope that our attitudes and love for Christ will shine like never before.

Thank you.
The Britts

If you have a minute, please check out this song. Lately, it has really hit home with me.

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